Traditional Czech Beads


Preciosa Ornela's rocaille range contains many colors and sizes and it is distinguished by its high quality and regularity.

The group of cut seed beads with the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand includes miniature cut seed beads called Charlottes (also called Charlotte Beads) on which 1-2 small facets are cut on a special cutting wheel. This makes the PRECIOSA Rocailles sparkle and it acquires exceptional optical properties in combination with some other surface finishes. The reflections from the two cut surfaces contribute to the luxurious appearance of this relatively simple, but highly effective design.

The size of the Charlotte beads is 13/0

Short Name / Articles Sizes Profile
Charlottes-RH 361 11 001 13/0 round cut
Seed Beads Charlottes RH t

Size Approx. pcs/kg Approx. pcs/lb
13/0 291 000 131 998