Seed Beads

The assortment of PRECIOSA seed beads can be divided into 4 basic ranges - Rocaille range, Cut Beads range, Cutting product range and Quality Cut range.

Choose according to the shape of beads on what product you are interested.

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Seed Beads - Rocaille range

The rocaille range PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ is one of the company's best selling commodities. It is offered in a wide range of colors and sizes and is distinguished by its high quality and regularity.This range includes PRECIOSA Rocailles and PRECIOSA Drops. The wide range of colors is supplemented by the surface finishing options which are used to decorate the surface of the seed beads with the aim of achieving further optical effects.

Seed Beads Rocailles RH


Seed Beads Drops RH


Seed Beads Rocailles RH

PRECIOSA Cornelian Star

Seed Beads - Cut Beads range

Together with the rocaille range, the range of cut beads is one of the best selling types from our entire range of seed beads. They are the only ones from the family of seed beads which are produced using the unique technology of cutting glass pipes. This range includes 13 types of PRECIOSA seed beads. The unique types of colored glass which is used to produce the range of cut beads are incomparable with regard to their numbers and quality.


Seed Beads Bugles RH prodlouzeno


Seed Beads Farfalle RH

PRECIOSA Farfalle™

Seed Beads 2cuts RH

Two-Cut Beads

Seed Beads Triangles RH


Seed Beads Oblongs RH


Seed Beads Squares SH


Seed Beads Corolla RH Corolla

Seed Beads Tubes RH

Tubes / Pipes  

Seed Beads Ersatz RH

Ersatz and Longsatz 

Seed Beads Twin 2RH


karo 2rh


Seed Beads - Cutting product range

It is produced using the unique technology of cutting, tumbling and cutting glass tubes. Cut Rocailles stand out from the cut seed beads produced by the company under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand. Their most popular size in this category is 13/0, known as Charlotte. The next seed beads which are included in this range are Three-Cuts and Cut PRECIOSA Farfalle™.

Seed Beads 3cuts RH

Three-Cut Beads

Seed Beads Cut Farfalle RH

Cut PRECIOSA Farfalle™ 

Seed Beads Charlottes RH2 Cut Rocailles

Seed Beads Charlottes RH2 Charlottes

Seed Beads - Quality Cut product range

Preciosa Ornela introduced its new quality cutting technology for the production of traditional Czech seed beads. The main advantage of this technology is its increased precision, which enables the better adherence to the dimensions of the seed beads. The first registered seed bead manufactured using this technology is the PRECIOSA Rola™.

rola2 5x35mm rh