Beads have been made in the Jablonec area since the 16th century and now are sold under the TRADITIONAL CZECH BEADS brand to more than 80 countries in five continents.

Pressed Beads

The main feature of the pressed glass beads sold under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand is their multiplicitous variety of shapes. The thousands of shapes combined with an extensive size range include the basic shapes (balls, cubes, hearts and olives), geometric designs, floral and oriental motifs, figures and a huge number of shapes known as fantasy.


Fire Polished Beads

Fire polished beads are a popular type of glass beads which were first made 5 centuries ago with the aim of approximating the appearance of cut gemstones while maintaining the option of stringing the beads. The fire polished beads in the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads range are produced in thirteen basic shapes, ten basic cuts and seven types of glass.

pressed beads 1


fire polished beads 1

Imitation Pearls

The imitation pearls in the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads range were originally intended to imitate real pearls. This does not involve a completely separate type of bead, but an independent finishing technology for pressed, fire polished or lamp beads and therefore the offer of shapes and sizes is practically unlimited in this regard. The current range contains a wide gamut of colours on beads shaped as traditional balls and in many fantasy shapes.

Lamp Beads

These are beads which are produced by winding various colours of melted glass onto a wire. Lamp beads are unique in the family of glass beads due to their method of production and their technological possibilities. They are the only ones to be manufactured exclusively by means of the manual processing of glass which means that each piece is an original little work of art. Even series of beads with a common design do not contain beads which are precise copies. Manual decorating enables an almost unlimited combination of various types of coloured glass in a single piece and variations of diverse shapes and extreme sizes.

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Wooden Beads

Wooden beads are an exception in the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads product range which otherwise consists exclusively of glass beads. They are offered in a broad range in more than one hundred shapes and various sizes, in the widest range of permanent and ecological colors and lacquered or polished.

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