History of Company

The internationally unique tradition of glass and costume jewelry production in the Jablonec area reaches deep into the 16th century, when the first glassworks were established in the local area of Mšeno.
The manufacture of beads in the form of glass cylinders cut from colored rods has its roots in Venice, Italy and dates from as early as the year 1500. From there, it gradually moved to North Bohemia, where it was improved and brought to a state of international renown due to the unique breadth of the product range and the high quality of the products.

The fundamental boom in the production of glass and glass components in the Jablonec area especially occurred in the second half of the 19th century – Jablonec nad Nisou became an international centre for the production and sale of glass and costume jewelry over a period of several years. At the beginning of the 20th century, 130 export houses were based in Jablonec and the glass and costume jewelry industry employed thousands of people in the region. Despite the many setbacks which occurred during the course of the 20th century, this industry maintained its exceptional position in the world markets and the production and development of the traditional range of Jablonec goods has continued successfully in the new millennium.
The new company of Preciosa Ornela, a.s. was established on 1. 11. 2009. It is part of the Preciosa Group which preserves the long tradition of glass and costume jewelry production in the Jablonec area and has assumed the majority of the production, sales and marketing activities of the former Bead and Glass Divisions of the Jablonex Group.