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Traditional Czech Glass


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Original interior accessories made of glass and seed beads

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents a new product MAGIC FUSION - ORIGINAL INTERIOR ACCESSORIES. Glass coasters, trays, plates, bowls or tiling material with unique decorations.

By the fusing technique small seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand turn into compact, unique design glass with the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™ brand which can subsequently be shaped. A wide range of seed beads gives rise to magical decorations with an endless number of color variants.


coaster: 95 mm x 95 mm
tray:125 mm x 125 mm
plate: 230 mm x 230 mm
bowl: 250 mm x 250 mm

Products are hand-made: individuals shapes and decors may vary.
Large temperature differences (dishwashers, boiling water) can cause the product to crack.

Catalog MAGIC FUSION in PDF format.

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