Lamp Beads

Lamp Beads

These are beads which are produced by winding various colours of melted glass onto a wire. Lamp beads are unique in the family of glass beads due to their method of production and their technological possibilities. They are the only ones to be manufactured exclusively by means of the manual processing of glass which means that each piece is an original little work of art. Even series of beads with a common design do not contain beads which are precise copies. Manual decorating enables an almost unlimited combination of various types of coloured glass in a single piece and variations of diverse shapes and extreme sizes. The combination of all the offered shapes, colours and finishes is by far and away the widest in the world and it provides inexhaustible options to everybody who is looking for exceptionality, originality and uniqueness.

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Preciosa Ornela manufacturing facitilies utilize environmentally friendly technology. When used for their intended purpose all products are free of health hazards.

Direction for use

Specific properties of the product need to be understood: small beads should be kept away from children (danger of swallowing and/or inhalation);larger glass products should be protected against breakage (danger of sharp pieces of glass).



Slight color deviations due to natural properties of glass cannot be avoided.