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Wheels made from PRECIOSA Tee™ and PRECIOSA Twin™

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents the new PRECIOSA Tee™ pressed bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand. The axially symmetrical, flat beads in the shape of the letter "T" interlock together and they are a great accessory in bead needlework. They can also be used for different types of stringings where they enable the creation of various 3-dimensional structures. Their shape makes them an excellent accessory for the PRECIOSA Twin™ two-hole beads and seed beads.

Design: Jana Noninka Shweiki

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Materials and tools:

117 01 323; 2.5 x 5 mm; 10030; 20x

kolecka z preciosa tee f002a

111 01 364; 2 x 8 mm; 02010/14413; 40x

kolecka z preciosa tee f002b

0.20 mm line – ca 70 cm long; sewing needle; scissors; flat nose pliers; 2x 8 mm rings; 2x earring hooks

kolecka z preciosa tee f001kolecka z preciosa tee f001a

The procedure:

Sew every row through several times so that it is sufficiently strong. Check that all the holes are clear, before stringing the beads.

Step 1
Alternately string (fig. no. 1) 10x T and 10x Tee (fig. no. 2).

fig. no. 1

kolecka z preciosa tee f003

fig. no. 2

kolecka z preciosa tee f004

Step 2
Tie the stringing into a circle with a double knot (fig. no. 3). Leave ca 8 cm of the line free at the end for sewing in. You can sew it in straight away so that the end does not get in your way or you can sew it in at the end as usual.

kolecka z preciosa tee f005

Step 3
Thread the needle through the second hole of the T (fig. no. 4), add 1x Tee (fig. no. 5) and pass the needle to the adjacent T (fig. no. 6 + 6a).

fig. no. 4

kolecka z preciosa tee f006

fig. no. 5

kolecka z preciosa tee f007

fig. no. 6

kolecka z preciosa tee f008

fig. no. 6a

kolecka z preciosa tee f008a

Step 4
Continue to add 1x Tee and pass to the adjacent T until you are nearly at the end (fig. no. 7).

kolecka z preciosa tee f009

Step 5
Take the ring and place it on the last free T (fig. no. 8) and finish the row by adding a Tee bead between the T (fig. nos. 9 + 10).

fig. no. 8

kolecka z preciosa tee f010

fig. no. 9

kolecka z preciosa tee f011

fig. no. 10

kolecka z preciosa tee f012

Step 6
Knot the line and sew it into the adjacent beads (fig. no. 11).

kolecka z preciosa tee f013

Step 7
Slightly open the ring using the pliers (fig. no. 12), add the earring hook, close the ring again and the first erring is finished (fig. no. 13).

fig. no. 12

kolecka z preciosa tee f014

fig. no. 13

kolecka z preciosa tee f015

Step 8
Repeat steps 1 to 7 and now both earrings will be finished (fig. no. 14).

kolecka z preciosa tee f016

You can connect the finished Tee wheels together (fig. no. 15) to make a necklace or bracelet or you can use them as pendants.

kolecka z preciosa tee f017

kolecka z preciosa tee f019kolecka z preciosa tee f016xkolecka z preciosa tee f020x