Mosaic heart

Mosaic heart

Simple accessory using the PRECIOSA Cornelian Star

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents a new type of rocaille which combines two types of glass, the PRECIOSA Cornelian Star. A cornelian is a rocaille with a round hole, an intermediate layer of white chalk with a round edge and an overlay of transparent glass which comes in in purple, black, blue, green, turquoise, yellow, orange and red.

The PRECIOSA Cornelian Star is a new type of cornelian, this time with an intermediary layer in the shape of a six-pointed star. The points of the white core shine through the transparent overlay and their shadows create the impression of fine lines. The PRECIOSA Cornelian Star can be produced in a range of sizes from 8/0 to 34. The interesting effect of the surface shading especially occurs in the larger sizes. Use red PRECIOSA Cornelian Stars to create a simple gift for someone you love on Valentine's Day.

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Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA Cornelian Stars

311 69 001; 7/0; 93730 red; 50 – 60x (R7)

mozaikove srdce kornelian 7 0

311 69 001; 31/0; 93730 red; 4x (R31)

mozaikove srdce kornelian 31 0

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R11)
331 19 001; 10/0; 97070 ruby; about 20x

mozaikove srdce rokajl 11 0

- a metal frame in the shape of a heart with a raised edge (for example, a pendant, a ring or earrings); rings; a carabiner; a counter-ring; a chain

mozaikove srdce kov

- glue for non-absorbent materials, slow drying, preferably transparent; a pointed skewer (for applying the glue); a large tailor's needle (used to place the seed beads); a thin red ribbon

mozaikove srdce pomucky

The procedure:

Step 1
Apply the glue to the frame in a thick layer. Clean the top of the raised edge (fig. no. 1).

mozaikove srdce krok1

Step 2 
Slowly and carefully arrange the R7 in the frame, piece by piece. Start along the raised edge (fig. no 2). Then fill in the centre of the heart. Use the large tailor's needle to assist with this. You can insert the point of the needle into the hole of the R7 and use it to move the bead.

mozaikove srdce krok2a

Step 3 
Once the frame has been filled with R7, small gaps will remain between them (fig. no. 3). Place the R11 into them - you can also use a smaller size (fig. no. 4).

(fig. no. 3)

mozaikove srdce krok2c

(fig. no. 4)

mozaikove srdce krok3b

Step 4
Leave the glue to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 5
The ring and the earrings are finished (fig. no. 5). Hang the pendant on a carabiner using the rings (fig. nos. 6, 7). Now you can use it as a key ring (fig. no 8) or to decorate a gift. You can additionally decorate it with a ribbon. Cut off about 30 cm of ribbon. Thread it through the rings next to the carabiner. Fold it in half (fig. no. 9). Tie a knot under the ring (fig. no. 10). Thread 2x R31 onto each free end of the ribbon. Tie a knot at the ends and cut off the ribbon (fig. no. 11). Otherwise, you can hang the pendant on a chain using a ring. Also connect a carabiner and a counter-ring on the end of the chain using the rings.

(fig. no. 5)

mozaikove srdce krok5a

(fig. no. 6)

mozaikove srdce krok5b

(fig. no. 7)

mozaikove srdce krok5c

(fig. no. 8)

mozaikove srdce krok5d

(fig. no. 9)

mozaikove srdce krok5e

(fig. no. 10)

mozaikove srdce krok5f

(fig. no. 11)

mozaikove srdce krok5g

mozaikove srdce 2mozaikove srdce 1

mozaikove srdce titulka 3