Charming earrings

Linked cluster of bead mixes on a ribbon

Linked cluster of bead mixes on a ribbon

PRECIOSA ORNELA offers a large number of bead mixes with tone in tone colour schemes. Be inspired and create a necklace or attractive earrings according to this simply tutorial.

Linking is a relatively simple technique. You need needle nose pliers with round points for the correct realisation of the technique and flat nose pliers to close the rings. All of the loops must be perfectly round in order to ensure a good result.

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Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA pressed beads; any MIX

roztomile nausnice material a

  • a ribbon in the same shade, width: about 5 mm
  • metal parts (copper used in the example); eye pins (a large number; several lengths or about 30 mm long which you can then shorten); 6 mm rings; earring hooks
  • needle nose pliers (creating the loops on the eye pins); flat nose pliers (closing the rings); scissors; a tailor's needle with a large eye 

roztomile nausnice pomucky

The procedure:

Step 1:
Select the material. Select the same material for the earrings 2x (the example uses 2x 11 items in the earrings).

roztomile nausnice krok1

Step 2:
String a shape onto an eye pin. Shorten the protruding wire to about 12 mm. Grasp the end of the pin between the points of the needle nose pliers, about halfway along its length. Twist the pin around the point. The wire will create a loop.
The loops are large. They will be threaded onto the ribbon. Proceed in the same way for all selected shapes.

roztomile nausnice krok2aroztomile nausnice krok2broztomile nausnice krok2d

Step 3:
Create the earrings. Cut off 30 cm of ribbon. Thread it into the eye of the tailor's needle. Thread it through the eye pin loops. Fully close one of the rings. Also string it. Tie a knot in the ribbon. Tie one more. Open another ring. Thread the ribbon through the strung ring. Add the eye of the earring hook. Fully close the ring. Tie a bow. Seal the edges of the ribbon (for example, using an electric hotplate). Proceed in the same way for the second earring. Turn the hook to the opposite side so that you have left and right-hand earrings. 

roztomile nausnice krok3aroztomile nausnice krok3broztomile nausnice krok3croztomile nausnice krok3e

roztomile nausnice krok3groztomile nausnice krok3hroztomile nausnice krok4

roztomile nausnice krok5