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Difficulty: 1
Star cluster

Use PRECIOSA Orion and PRECIOSA Rocailles to make this sewn earring

You can use this tutorial to create effective creole earrings.

Today, we would like to present the PRECIOSA Orion Pressed Bead, one of many types of PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™. This small shape with a central hole and four regularly placed points is also suitable for inventive sewing.

Design: Helena Chmelíková


Materials and tools:



111 01 379; 3 x 5 mm; 02010/65307 pink; 23x (O1)

hvezdokupa bily ruzova

111 01 379; 3 x 5 mm; 02010/15726 purple; 22x (O2)

hvezdokupa bily fialova

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R)
331 19 001; 10/0; 03194 skin tone; 123x

hvezdokupa rokajl pletova



111 01 379; 3 x 5 mm; 02010/25E01 white wax; 23x (O1)

hvezdokupa bily vosk

111 01 379; 3 x 5 mm; 02010/14400 white; 22x (O2)

hvezdokupa bila

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R)
331 19 001; 10/0; 20701; 123x

hvezdokupa rokajl chrom

- 2.5 cm creole earrings; 4 mm rings; earring hooks

hvezdokupa material a

- a nylon line; a thin needle; scissors; snipping pliers; flat nose pliers (for handling the rings)

hvezdokupa pomucky


The procedure:

Step 1:
Cut off about 1.10 m of line and string it onto the needle. Tie an as a stop bead at the opposite end.

hvezdokupa obr1a hvezdokupa obr1b

Step 2:
String 1x O1 and 3x R. Slide them about 15 cm from the stop bead.

hvezdokupa 2krok

hvezdokupa obr2

Step 3:
String 1x O2 and 1x R. Return to the O2. String 3x R and 1x O1. Thread the line through the R immediately after the O1. String 2x R.

hvezdokupa 3krok

Step 4:
Repeat Step 3 20x.

hvezdokupa 4krok

Step 5:
String 1x O2 and 1x R. Return to O2. A total of 22 O2 will now have been strung.

Step 6:
String 3x R and 1x O1.

hvezdokupa 5 6krok

hvezdokupa obr6a hvezdokupa obr6b

Step 7:
String all the O1 onto the creole wire. Be careful not to deform the shape. Start adding them to the wire from the beginning of the stringing. You can then adjust the length of the stringing by either stringing another O1, R and O2 or by shortening the stringing.

hvezdokupa obr7a hvezdokupa obr7b

Step 8:
Crimp the creole tube in the middle with the wire using the snipping pliers.

Step 9:
Sew in the knots in the outer protrusions of the stringing: the first securing knot between the R and the second immediately after the O2.

Step 10:
Hang the creole wire on an earing hook using a ring.

hvezdokupa obr10a hvezdokupa obr10b
hvezdokupa obr11 hvezdokupa obr12


hvezdokupa obr14hvezdokupa obr3


You can download the project here in the PDF format
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