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Winners - My Czech Seed Beads 2018

Who won the particular contest themes?

We thank all of you who participated the “My Czech Seed Beads“ contest. Take a look at the designs which won.

Contest theme Winner's name Contest photos
Carolyn Cave carolyn cave carolyn cave2 
Diana Pavlova diana pavlova
Erika Süle erika süle  
Evgenya Mytsyk evgenya mytsyk
Jana Shweiki jana shweiki jana shweiki2 jana shweiki3 jana shweiki4 jana shweiki5 jana shweiki6
Lena Baila lena baila lena baila2 lena baila3
Lucie Luuthien Tykvartová lucie luuthien tykvartová
Maria Mazurek maria mazurek
Aleksandra Lysenko - SnowMirna aleksandra snowmirna lysenko aleksandra snowmirna lysenko2 aleksandra snowmirna lysenko3 aleksandra snowmirna lysenko4
Barbora Bílková barbora bílková logo
Dáša Eisenmannová dáša eisenmannová2
Lena Baila lena baila2
Maria Mazurek maria mazurek
Mihaela Ticu mihaela ticu
Andrea Van den Brande andrea van den brande andrea van den brande2
Carolyn Cave carolyn cave
Debora Hodoyer debora hodoyer2
Lena Baila lena baila
Lorena Pintore lorena pintore
Meredith McKenna meredith mckenna
Vykinta Šiaučiūnienė vykinta šiaučiūnienė
PRECIOSA 2cuts and 3cuts
Aleksandra Lysenko aleksandra lysenko aleksandra lysenko2
Carolyn Cave carolyn cave carolyn cave2 carolyn cave3
Cath Thomas cath thomas logo
Carla Ruvolo dolcicreazioni decorazioni bomboniere miniature
Jose Silva jose perez logo
Elisabeth Neu lisa neu lisa neu2 lisa neu3
Lorena Pintore lorena pintore creazioni
PRECIOSA Triangles
Andrea Van den Brande andrea van den brande logo 
Carolyn Cave carolyn cave2 logo
Debora Hodoyer debora hodoyer logo debora hodoyer2 logo debora hodoyer3 logo
Lena Baila lena baila logo lena baila2 logo lena baila4 logo
Nurshida Fathutdinova nurshida fathutdinova logo
Sithara Alwyn‎ sithara alwyn logo
Andrea Van den Brande andrea van den brande andrea van den brande2 andrea van den brande3
Camellia Kojuharova camellia kojuharova
Daniela Ancillotti daniela ancillotti
Debora Hodoyer debora hodoyer debora hodoyer2 debora hodoyer3 debora hodoyer4
Mary Hughes mary hughes
Michela Baglioni michela baglioni firenze michela baglioni michela baglioni2
Milada Mikulášových sperky z dielne milimi sperky z dielne milimi2 sperky z dielne milimi3 sperky z dielne milimi4 sperky z dielne milimi5