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Information about personal data protection (GDPR)

In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereafter simply referred to as the “Regulation” or the “GDPR”), PRECIOSA ORNELA, a.s., registered office: 317 Zásada, 468 25, Zásada, Company Registration Number: 28712226 (the “Controller”) hereby informs you that it will process your personal data (“PD”) at the following extent for the purpose of the fulfilment of a contract, for the realisation of any measures prior to the conclusion of a contract, for the fulfilment of any legal obligations or based on the justified interests of the Controller or any third party, which especially involve the interest in the fulfilment of the hereafter-stated Purposes, or on the basis of your consent, provided it has been given (the “Legal Grounds for Processing”): your name, surname, date of birth, residence, email address, telephone number or any other PD, if you provide it to the Controller yourself or if the Controller acquires it in another way. The PD are categorised as address and identification data.

The Controller will further process the PD for the purpose of sending you commercial information, news and advertising campaigns informing you of the services and goods of the Controller and its suppliers in association with the sale of a service or goods to you, provided you have provided your consent for the Controller to do so.

The Controller hereby informs you that the PD will be processed for the following purposes: the compilation of offers, the conclusion of contracts and the fulfilment of contracts and for any purposes associated with the fulfilment of a contract, for the Controller’s marketing activities, the resolution of any claims, the identification and registration of business partners and for records of any contracts, invoicing and communications with business partners (the “Purpose”) on the basis of any of the Legal Grounds for Processing. The Controller hereby informs you as to the fact that the following recipient categories exist with regard to the other recipients of your PD: other companies from the PRECIOSA Group, with whom we share your PD on the grounds of our justified interest in achieving synergy in our mutual activities, the Controller’s accounting , tax, legal and other advisors, the Controller’s auditors, suppliers of services to the Controller, such as IT service providers, carriers or the holders of postal licences and other PD processors who process personal data for the Controller on the basis of the Controller’s instructions and with whom the Controller has concluded a PD processing contract (a “Processor”). The Controller hereby informs you that it will process the PD throughout the period, in which its contractual relations with you remain in place. Once these relations have been terminated, your personal data will only be accessible to a limited number of people throughout the period of the statute of limitations pertaining to the rights from the contract and furthermore throughout the necessary filing period required by law. If you have not concluded any contractual relations with the Controller, your PD will be processed throughout the period, in which it is necessary to do so for the fulfilment of the Purpose and, if we are processing your PD on the basis of your consent, until, such time as you withdraw said consent.

The Controller hereby informs you that you are entitled (i) to request access to your PD from the Controller, (ii) to correct your PD, (iii) to have your PD deleted, (iv) to limit the processing of your PD, (v) to bring an objection against the processing of your PD and (vi) to the transferability of your PD (i.e. to acquire your PD from the Controller in a structured, regularly used and machine readable format and to transfer it to another Controller). The Controller hereby further informs you that (i) it is possible to withdraw your consent, if you have provided your PD with your consent, (ii) you may bring a complaint against the data processing to the Office for the Protection of Personal Data located at the address: Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00, Prague 7, official www:, (iii) the provision of your PD is not compulsory and (iv) that no automatic decision-making or profiling will take place. The Controller hereby states that you are entitled to receive confirmation from the Controller as to whether or not your PD has been processed or to receive a copy of your processed PD. It is possible to send any requests, objections or notifications of the exercising of your rights to the address of the Controller’s registered office or by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Controller hereby states that you are entitled to have your PD deleted, if (i) your PD is no longer necessary for the Purpose, (ii) you have withdrawn your consent and there are no grounds for any further processing, (iii) you bring an objection against the processing of your PD which has been processed on the basis of the legal grounds of the Controller’s justified interests, (iv) your PD has been processed illegally, (v) your PD must be deleted in order to meet legal obligations or (vi) your PD has been gathered in association with commercial notifications.

The Controller hereby expressly draws your attention to the fact that you are entitled to bring an objection at any time against (i) the processing of PD which concerns you and which has been acquired on the basis of the justified interests of the Controller or a third party, including profiling based on these grounds, or (ii) the processing of your PD for direct marketing. The Controller hereby points out that you are entitled to not be the subject of any decision based exclusively on automated processing, including profiling, which will have any legal effects for you or will significantly affect you, unless such data is essential for the conclusion or fulfilment of a contract or it is based on your express consent.

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